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Container Inspiration for Every Occasion

Sometimes the flowers drive the design. Other times, it's the container. Familiarize yourself with the variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes of vases and containers that can inspire your flower arrangement.

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging

(Clockwise, from back left)

Orange Fishbowl
Neon-colored globe-shaped glass vases are best used for modern domed flower designs.

Ephemera Vase
A column vase is covered in old, torn papers to create texture and interest. It would suit a mixed bouquet.

Pink Flowerpot
A flared glass vase lends a modern air to a simple small vase arrangement.

Metal Vase
The classic version of a flared vase suits traditional displays.

Opaque Column Vase
Patterned column glass vases in neutral colors look good with just a few long-stemmed statement flowers.

Pottery Vase
A patterned, flared vase is very versatile. It shows off most flower arrangements well.

Terra-Cotta Cube 
This container has a cut-down water bottle placed inside to make it watertight.

Oval Trough
A painted terra-cotta pot makes a great base for a low floral foam display.

Cup and Saucer
Porcelain teacups can hold single flowers to perfect effect.

Tea Light Holder
These glass containers are useful for multiple small, informal displays.

Antique Vase
A glass vase with a small neck is just the thing to display just a few short-stemmed blooms.

Pottery Pitcher
Show off a few flowers with their stems cut short in this ideal container.

Metal Urn
This is a miniature versions of flared vase displays, best used with a classic selection of mixed flowers.

Coconut Shell
Treat this natural beauty like an opaque fishbowl for minimal, modern displays of exotic blooms.

Food Can
Interesting-looking cans, when emptied, makes an attractive and unusual vase for a potted bulb.

Tartlet Pans
Use these tins as place settings with short-stemmed single flower heads.

Small Bucket
A modern galvanized bucket looks great with a mass of one variety of short-stemmed blooms.

Mini Cube
Use this tiny version of a cube vase for individual blooms.

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging

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