Decor We Adore: French-Inspired Design Ideas

From Parisian palace to country cottage, French aristocrats and peasants alike set trends for fabric, furnishings and a sophisticated approach to decorating a home that still inspire us today.

Bedroom Thibaut Rockwood toile wallpaper

Toile de Jouy

This seemingly ubiquitous fabric pattern has a much more storied past than you may imagine. Literally French for fabric from Jouy — short for Jouy-en-Josas, the riverside city where it was first manufactured — bleached cotton printed with pastoral or figural scenes has been popular as a wall covering, bedding and upholstery fabric since its introduction in 1770. The pattern was a technological revolution of its time, the fine lines and intricate design made possible by the recent introduction of copper-plate printing technology. Image courtesy of Thibaut

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