Love is in the Air: Spring Wedding Arrangements

With cheerful colors and a subtle fragrance, spring flowers portray the promise of bright, sweet days ahead. They are perfect for classic, yet informal wedding designs.

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging
Lily of the Valley Attractive Spring Boutonniere Fresh Flower Arranging ©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011


7 lily of the valley
3 lily of the valley leaves
raffia pearl-tipped pin How to Assemble

Sweetly scented, delicate lily of the valley flowers make an unusual but attractive choice for a boutonniere. This arrangement is simple to create, because the flower stems don't need to be wired.

Give the flowers a good drink of water the day before, then trim off any leaves and simply gather seven stems of lily of the valley together in a mini spiral of flowers.

Add a couple of the leaves around the back of the boutonniere. Fold a third leaf in half and place it at the front of the arrangement.

Secure the boutonniere with a length of raffia tied in a neat knot. Use a pearl-tipped pin to attach it onto the lapel of a jacket.

For more details on making a boutonniere, see our step-by-step instructions.

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging

© Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011

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