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Warm up Winter with a Mixed Flower Arrangement

Exotic cymbidium orchids warm up cool winter berries and skimmia in this crisp white and green vase arrangement, which looks stunning in a hallway or master bedroom, or on a dining room table or low coffee table.

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging
Crisp White Mixed Winter ArrangementFresh Flower Arranging ©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011

Soft-stemmed anemones, white spray roses and cymbidium orchids soften the texture of this mixed winter arrangement. Cymbidium orchids flower on a very long stem, so that individual heads can be inserted into orchid vials to give them enough height for the design. The anemones may need replacing after a few days, but the other blooms should last up to 10 days if you keep them in good condition.


Flowers and Foliage
6 white spray roses
5 cymbidium orchids
6 single white roses
10 St. John's wort (hypericum) berry stems
6 white anemones
10 skimmia stems

Other Materials
opaque green glazed flared vase (7 inches high)
chicken wire
florist's scissors

Possible Substitutions
Trachelium (for anemonies), mini amaryllis (for spray roses), Singapore orchids (for cymbidium orchids), berried ivy and rosemary (for skimmia)

Flowers and Foliage Needed for Mixed Winter FloralFresh Flower Arranging ©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011

How to Arrange

1. Place the chicken wire inside the vase and fill the vase with water.

2. Arrange the skimmia stems first. Keep turning the vase around as you add the foliage to create a fully three-dimensional domed effect. Do not add too much foliage at this stage.

3. Add the single roses next, placing the shorter stems around the edge of the arrangement and longer ones near the center to reinforce the domed effect. The flowers should look ordered, not muddled. Keep turning the vase so it faces you as you add the roses.

4. Arrange the St. John's wort and spray roses next, spacing them evenly throughout the arrangement. Push the flowers in slightly so that the tips of the skimmia leaves break up the curved contours of the blooms. Then add the anemones.

5. Finally, add the cymbidium orchids. They are quite dominant in this design, so it's worth arranging them last once you know where they sit best.

Festive Flowers

These white anemones, with their frosty petals and cool purple centers, are perfect as a focal point against the lime-green berries, orchids and green foliage of this festive winter display.

Crisp White Mixed Winter ArrangementFresh Flower Arranging ©Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011

Excerpted from Fresh Flower Arranging

© Dorling Kindersley Limited 2011

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