Functional + Chic Studio Apartment Makeovers

Don't let the size of your studio apartment put you in a design crunch. Maximize your small space with these simple design tips.

Neutral Sophistication

This studio apartment may be small in size but makes up for this deficiency with sophisticated-city style. Neutral walls and curtains make the space appear much larger, while black and silver accents add to the crispness of the style. The living room's furniture arrangement keeps the space separate from the bedroom and study area, giving the small apartment more functional areas. Tip: Ghost furniture is a perfect addition to ultra-small spaces. This coffee table is hardly visible but still serves its purpose. The piece relieves the space of bulky furniture, preventing a crowded look.

Graphic Wallpaper and Luxurious Drapes

Funky and Vibrant

HGTV fan Wicket47 updated the narrow living room of this 300-square-foot apartment with a splash of color and funky wallpaper. Minimal decor and a crisp, white sofa allow the black-and-white graphic wallpaper to stand out without being overwhelming. Deep forest-green draperies are a perfect balance to the sofa and add a dramatic touch. Tip: If you're going to use a black and white color scheme, mix in a vibrant hue, like yellow or lime green, to break up the monotony.

Modern Studio Living

Room for Entertaining

This stylish Philadelphia studio utilizes every inch of space without making the room seem busy. The neutral walls and bedding keep the space controlled and balanced. \"I tried to separate the space with organic textures, eclectic accessories, shiny metallic objects, soft draperies and unique lighting schemes,\" HGTV fan greendesigner says. To quickly hide the bedroom from the kitchen and dining area, he added tall draperies as an easy room divider. Tip: Downsize the furniture to expand the space — buy a loveseat instead of a large sectional. If you like to entertain, invest in small barstools: They take up little space and provide plenty of seating for guests.

Studio Apartment with Tropical Influence

Maximum Use

This 12-by-17-foot apartment does not leave much space for creating a separate bedroom, kitchen and living room, but the neutral color scheme and warm accessories provide an open feel with the intimacy of a small space. \"My biggest challenge was creating a space that did not feel like a bedroom. I placed the bed next to the kitchen to allow maximum light and views out the windows,\" HGTV fan moderngeek73 says. Tip: Keep furniture and decor to a minimum if your space is extra small. Use small light fixtures and furnishings.

Orange Wall in Modern Studio Space

Industrial Style

High, exposed ceilings automatically make this 700-square-foot apartment seem much larger. HGTV fan rbaby separated the bedroom from the living room and dining area with a cubicle bookshelf. The look not only provides additional storage but gives the bedroom some privacy from the rest of the space. Tip: Spice up a small studio with a vibrant focal wall in red or orange.

Studio Apartment Modern Makeover

Multi-Functional Space

The effective layout of this space gives it the full functionality of a non-studio apartment. Offset from the bedroom, the sofa faces the back wall creating an intimate seating area of its own. A cubicle shelf unit serves as a simple room divider between the living room and bedroom. Small, sleek accessories and decor make the space visually appealing while keeping it from appearing cluttered or busy. Tip: Use warm colors, like orange and taupe, to make the room look cozy without feeling dark. Design by HGTV fan bearkelley

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