Before and After: Glee Co-Creator's L.A. Bungalow

HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson discovers Glee co-creater Ian Brennan's design style, a mixture of historic traditional, '60s mod and global traveler, to make over his L.A. home.

  • Exterior of Ian Brennans 1924 Los Angeles Home

    Ian's L.A. Home

    Ian has been in L.A. for three years, but he just purchased his first home. Built in 1924, the California bungalow features three stories and an amazing view of Bronson Canyon.

  • Before: White Out

    The architecture of the room is getting lost in this white-on-white living room.

  • After: Design Styles Combined

    Emily is mixing three styles to find the perfect fit for Ian's personality. Starting with a '30s masculine look that she's calling \"FDR Chic,\" she then layers two more styles: a fun '60s element called \"British Invasion Mod,\" and furnishings from Ian's travels called \"Backpacker Traveler.\"

  • After: Eclectic Made Easy

    Emily brings in elements of all three styles through the furniture. The traditional wingback chair and Persian rug are mixed with the mod, sleek sofa and stainless steel coffee table. Global influence is seen through the Ming chairs and Moroccan pouf.

  • After: Center of Attention

    Emily makes the fireplace the focal point by hanging a huge statement portrait of President William Harrison above it and flanking it with antique sconces. She creates vignettes around the room with accessories that reflect Ian's personality to give the space a homier feel.

  • After: Architectural Interest

    The walls are painted a soft gray, which allows the white bookcases to stand out against the walls. To make architecture points pop, the easiest thing to do is paint the walls another color. It can be a slight contrast to make a difference.

  • Moroccan Lanterns on Table Give Global Look

    After: Global Taste

    Emily creates a small dining area with a thin table made from railroad ties and a contemporary metal base. A mixture of seating, two antique chairs and a distressed bench, bring in a rustic quality, while Moroccan lanterns and table runner add a global touch.

  • Master Bedroom was Bland and Mostly Empty

    Before: Bland Bedroom

    The mostly empty master bedroom needs a major shot of style.

  • Master Bedroom Transformed into Traditional Modern

    After: Neutral Setting

    Emily rearranges the bedroom so the bed is facing the window and the beautiful view of the Bronson Canyon. The walls are painted a warm stone color, which keeps the space looking light and airy. Dark charcoal carpet creates contrasts with the walls.

  • Master Bedroom Transformed into Traditional Modern

    After: Vintage Meets Contemporary

    The tufted upholstered blue headboard is flanked by antique gooseneck lamps that don't match exactly, but are similar enough to work together and add a vintage touch to the space.

  • Upholstered Bench Coordinates with Headboard

    After: Blocked-Out Contrast

    To bring in the '60s mod look Ian likes, Emily adds an upholstered bench in a black and white graphic fabric at the end of the bed.

  • Asian Inspired Dresser Used in Master Bedroom

    After: Asian Influence

    Emily adds a touch of global style with an Asian-inspired dresser. Lamps that Ian snagged from the set of Nip/Tuck are given a brand new look with glossy black spray paint.

  • Guest Bedroom was Under Utilized Before Makeover

    Before: Awkward Layout

    This room features interesting architecture, but Ian hasn't quite figured out how to use it.

  • Emily Creates Nook for Bed in Guest Room

    After: Perfect for Guests

    Emily decides to make this under-used room a guest bedroom and starts the makeover by removing the built-ins. The space left is perfect for the new bed, which features a soft white upholstered wall behind it.

  • Emily Creates Nook for Bed in Guest Room

    After: Girly Yet Manly

    The bedding is a mixture of feminine and masculine prints in graphics, stripes and toile to make the space welcoming to both sexes.

  • Contemporary Wallpaper Used to Create Focal Wall

    After: Gray Sophistication

    Contemporary wallpaper is used to create a focal wall and the rest of the walls are painted a soft gray.

  • Guest Bedroom Trunk Holds Interesting Vignette

    After: Simple Vignette

    A large trunk provides storage and is the perfect spot for one of Emily's vignettes. The gold mirror reflects back the beautiful bedding and wallpaper, while carefully chosen accessories add a personal touch to the space.

  • Before Image of Ian Brennan Living Room Den

    Before: Unused Office

    Ian rarely uses the home office, which is a mix of bland, boring furnishings.

  • After Image of Ian Brennan Living Room Den Redo

    After: Comfy Living

    Emily takes the unused office and transforms it into a cozy, masculine den. In order for Ian to still use the space for work, she updates the hidden closet with plenty of storage for his office supplies.

  • After Image of Ian Brennan Living Room Den Redo

    After: Dark Mixed With Light

    Dark gray grasscloth adds texture and warmth to the room and is the perfect contrast to Ian's existing white sofa and chair, which Emily brings up from the living room. In additions, she adds Ian's steamer trunk to the room to act as a coffee table; plus, it provides extra storage.

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