Contemporary Wallpaper Design Trends

From traditional and classic to bold and graphic, wallpaper is back in a big way. We can't get enough of its room-transforming, style-defining powers. Take a peek at what two experts are loving about wallpaper now.

Contemporary wallpaper adds depth to a room

Contemporary Wallpaper Sets the Mood

\"Wallpaper goes way beyond what can be done with paint,\" says Cadee Wilder of Kreme. \"Painted finishes, although great in some spaces, don't equate to the luxury and opulence a few rolls of wallpaper can provide.\"

She adds, \"Designers and their clients are looking for ways to impart the 'wow' factor without having to add more costly items, such as tiles, stone or expensive textile fabrics, and wallpaper does a great job of it.\" This pattern, Painted Gate, is an updated take on Moroccan-inspired designs. \"Play up the theme,\" Wilder suggests, \"or take a less literal approach and play up the modernity of its larger-scale pattern.\" Photo courtesy of Kreme.

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