Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Let your interior cool down with hot summertime looks.

  • Summer Fireplace Decor

    Here's a fun way to cool down your fireplace during the dog days of summer. It's as simple as a mirror and a few of your favorite vases.

  • Fabric Canvas

    Designer Karen McAloon says add color above the mantel by replacing ordinary artwork with fabric-covered canvas. A few staples around the back edges hold the material in place, making it picture perfect.

  • lori dennis orange office

    Colorful Lamp

    Designer Karen McAloon says to lighten things up by swapping out your regular lamp for a colorful and inexpensive fixture.

  • Terra-Cotta Containers

    Using terra-cotta pots in your kitchen to hold fruit and utensils is a great way to bring the outdoors in.

  • Ribbon Curtain

    A ribbon curtain keeps the summer bugs out and adds stripes of color.

  • Summer Shower Curtain

    Transform a simple shower curtain by adding Velcro tabs so you can change your decor with a flick of the wrist. Coordinate a few guest towels and you've got good clean fun.

  • Oilcloth Pockets

    Hang a few oilcloth pockets on the wall to add both a punch of color and a place to store those summer sundries.

  • Day Bed

    \"Summerize\" your sofa or day bed by tucking sheets over the upholstery. They'll offer protection against sticky hands and provide a hip look. Playful fabrics and sunny hues on the pillows add a great splash of color. For a great summer look from the floor up, consider trading warm and cozy winter coverings for a lightweight woven mat or rug.

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