Judges' Tips: The White Room Challenge

Renowned interior designers and HGTV hosts Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olson and Vern Yip offer their exclusive design tips from the Design Star set.

Simple and Clean

Genevieve Gorder
"What Lonni did with the lampshade in the corner is more of what I was hoping to see from everyone on this challenge, of really using the medium in fun and creative ways." Get the rest of Genevieve's tips from this challenge »

Candice Olson
"I think Lonni started with a great concept but if you don't finish, your design voice can't be heard." Get the rest of Candice's tips from this challenge »

Vern Yip
"It would have been wonderful to have seen the entire base of the coffee table supported by these water bottles, with a light element buried in the center to illuminate the glass and water." Get the rest of Vern's tips from this challenge »

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