Judges' Tips: The White Room Challenge

Renowned interior designers and HGTV hosts Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olson and Vern Yip offer their exclusive design tips from the Design Star set.

Modern and Bright

Genevieve Gorder
"I loved what Jany started on the back wall with those Cheerios chains; I wanted more of that." Get the rest of Genevieve's tips from this challenge »

Candice Olson
"Imagine if that square at the back of the room contained a super-scaled version of this vegetable and flower composition; it'd be more creative, dynamic and interesting." Get the rest of Candice's tips from this challenge »

Vern Yip
"The artwork made of produce to resemble flowers on stems is wonderful and everything that this challenge is about – it would’ve been so great to have seen this element two or three times bigger!" Get the rest of Vern's tips from this challenge »

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