Judges' Tips: The White Room Challenge

Renowned interior designers and HGTV hosts Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olson and Vern Yip offer their exclusive design tips from the Design Star set.

Pop Art Design

Genevieve Gorder
"This space looks like it should have fallen out of a comic book or off a cereal box labeled 'new and improved.'" Get the rest of Genevieve's tips from this challenge »

Candice Olson
"Antonio masterfully executes a graphic, one-point perspective pattern that draws the eye inward, creates the illusion of depth in this little box, and establishes the sofa as a definite focal point, seemingly exploding off the wall." Get the rest of Candice's tips from this challenge »

Vern Yip
"It would have been fantastic to have seen the painted lines continued on to the coffee table and sofa with a single “throw pillow” at the center created out of a round slice of bright-red watermelon." Get the rest of Vern's tips from this challenge »

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