Judges' Tips: The White Room Challenge

Renowned interior designers and HGTV hosts Genevieve Gorder, Candice Olson and Vern Yip offer their exclusive design tips from the Design Star set.

Red Apple Style

Genevieve Gorder
"A perfect example of a designer with a concept who followed it through to execution. This is what design is all about, no matter what the style." Get the rest of Genevieve's tips from this challenge »

Candice Olson
"Is it just me or does Dan, just by being in a room, make it all that much better looking? But, I digress." Get the rest of Candice's tips from this challenge »

Vern Yip
"The execution of this wall shows an understanding of restraint, balance and texture – and the fact that the extent of the apples lines up with the length of the couch is no accident." Get the rest of Vern's tips from this challenge »

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