HGTV Showdown: Bachelor Pad Battle

David Bromstad and Marcus Hunt team up to take on John Gidding and Jared Walker Dostie to see who can best maximize the style and livable space in a 660-square-foot studio apartment in just five hours.

  • Before: The small size of this studio apartment perfectly suits homeowner Ray Barragan's desire to maintain a minimal eco footprint. For the makeover, Ray would like to add both style and function by clearly delineating the space into three distinct areas: bedroom, office and living room. Ray would also like to honor his Mexican heritage and use sustainable materials.
  • Runner-Up After: Team David and Marcus reinvisioned the space as a colorful and hip hangout. To honor Ray's request for eco-friendly materials, David selected organic fabrics, a hemp rug and low VOC paint.
  • Runner-Up After: David chose to arrange the apartment so the bed was visible, allowing a clear view of the entertainment center on the opposite wall. A low sofa separates the bedroom and living area and a large glass-top table functions as both a desk and a dining table.
  • Runner-Up After: The vibrant mid-century modern chairs inspired the room's high-contrast orange and blue color scheme and retro-mod look. To honor the homeowner's Mexican heritage, David painted Mayan symbols on canvases. The team added texture to this side of the room with wood cutouts and recessed lighting that highlights David's artwork.
  • Winning Design After: Team John and Jared won the homeowner over with their clever compartmentalization of space. The bedroom area is still visible through an open bookcase but maintains a sense of separation.
  • Winning Design After: In the bedroom area, John meticulously created a bird's-eye view mural of Mexico City which honors both the homeowner's Mexican heritage and his career as a city planner. Organic bedding and low VOC paint satisfy Ray's request for eco-friendly materials.
  • Winning Design After: John cleverly separated the homeowner's bed from the office area with a headboard that also functions as a wall above the desk. To create the asymmetrical desk, Jared used eco-friendly reclaimed lumber which he planed smooth and then refinished. John added a playful touch to the office with canvas panels showing the homeowner hard at work.
  • Winning Design After: Jared constructed a custom entertainment center to anchor the TV area. The homeowner, Ray, was wowed by the sexy, white chaise and pendant lighting that John selected. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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