Before-the-Makeover Photos

Five teams compete for the ultimate prize: $250,000 to update their homes. View the photos of each team's living room before the first episode's design challenge, which requires that each couple repurpose one item in the room.

  • Sisters Kelley and Phyllis Alexander are faced with the challenge of updating Kelley's dated living room. As part of the first makeover challenge, teams must repurpose one existing decor item. Kelley selects an antique curio, which she hopes to transform into a wine bar. Photography by Dale Berman.
  • Fabian and Lisa Duvernay hope to declutter and add designer style to their family room. They have chosen to repurpose their entertainment center as stylish storage units.
  • Jeff and Elizabell Marquez have established a firm design foundation but need to breathe color and life into their staid living space. The couple has chosen to transform a TV stand into a larger, more functional and fashionable entertainment center.
  • Kid's toys and clutter have overtaken Dwight and Grace Yao's living room. They plan to contain the chaos and add some sass to this careworn living space. They've chosen to repurpose a wrought-iron screen as wall art.
  • Rico and Danica Yovanovich's traditional living room could benefit from some modern design amenities. They've chosen to repurpose and update their upholstered ottoman. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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