Bang for Your Buck Experts Discuss the Best and Worst in Remodeling Investments and Home Staging

Designer Monica Pedersen gives advice on what to do when selling your home. Real estate expert Elizabeth Sincox weighs in on Monica's advice – sometimes the two agree, and sometimes they don’t.

  • What's the best way to make a good first impression when selling your home? Scroll down to read what the experts say.
  • Do you know what size lighting is best for your front entry? Scroll down to find out.
  • To paint or not to paint, that is the question when it comes to kitchen cabinets.
  • The experts agree, a well-coordinated kitchen with matching appliances is essential when selling your home.
  • The experts have a quick and relatively inexpensive solution for updating your bathroom. Scroll down to find out how.
  • Not everyone agrees that laminate floors are the best alternative. Scroll down to find out why.
  • All buyers crave excess storage, so there is no disagreeing among the experts that tidy and organized closets are important.
  • The experts agree, matching hardware and fixtures throughout your house will provide a polished and coordinated look.
  • The real estate experts strongly suggest that when selling your home, replace old worn carpeting with inexpensive carpet remnants.
  • Soft neutral colors are pleasing to the eye and will appeal to most all buyers, but there is one thing the experts caution about, scroll down to find out what. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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