Bang for Your Buck Experts Discuss the Best and Worst in Remodeling Investments and Home Staging

Designer Monica Pedersen gives advice on what to do when selling your home. Real estate expert Elizabeth Sincox weighs in on Monica's advice – sometimes the two agree, and sometimes they don’t.

Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors

Best thing to do:
Monica: Bring in some of the year’s neutral color trends with a coat of paint. Your walls will look fresh and buyers will get the impression your home has been updated as they recognize popular color trends. Also, using trendy colors makes finding staging accessories much easier.
Elizabeth: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room.

Worst thing to do:
Monica: Painting your kitchen the red you’ve always wanted. Save the drama and buy a cute pair of red shoes instead.
Elizabeth: I also say want to say a few words on wallpaper. It is a very personal thing. If you’re looking to sell, choose paint over wallpaper.

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