Discovering Hidden Potential in Ordinary Spaces

"Before" photos and architectural renderings showing the "after" reveal the imagined and the possible in home remodeling.

  • This kitchen underwent one previous remodel but it is still small, confining and a "dead-end" in terms of room layout.
  • The reimagined kitchen eliminates a dividing wall to open the kitchen to the dining area.
  • This existing hallway leading to the bedrooms is a narrow corridor with a closed feel.
  • Opening up the hallway space with an open doorway, along with some modest modifications in decor and color scheme, makes for a dramatically different visual impression.
  • The proposed family-room transformation includes removal of a translucent glass wall that separates the front entrance from the dining area.
  • The glass wall is replaced with an open-shelf half-wall to serve as a room divider.
  • One of the more critical transformative elements in this makeover is the expansion of the existing bathroom.
  • For the bathroom expansion, a small linen closet is sacrificed and the bathtub relocated to make way for an extended vanity. A new dividing wall conceals the toilet.
  • The proposed overall redesign for this house includes $8,000 in modifications to existing walls, a $13,000 bathroom makeover and a $5,000 electrical upgrade.
  • Based on proposed floor-plan modifications, the corner outside the bedroom becomes a 45-degree angled wall, helping to separate the bedroom entrance from the kitchen space. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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