More Fresh Transformations From New Spaces

See how a master bedroom, a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom and a home theater got facelifts.

  • Before: Anne Dain's bedroom doesn't even have room for two night stands, but seeing a modern bathtub that cut a striking figure is the what really jump-started her major master suite renovation.
  • Obliterating nearly every wall on her home's second level, Anne's remodel injected new style into her home, while radically changing the function of the space.
  • This remodel is based entirely around a unique bathtub that the homeowner found while window-shopping.
  • Having previously gone through a kitchen renovation, the homeowner had the luxury of knowing what to expect.
  • Dusty Hettinger specializes in creating extreme landscapes, and he can't leave the outdoors behind when he tackles an eye-popping basement finish in his own house.
  • The basement makeover mixes inside and outside elements including an indoor waterfall, a massive fish tank behind the wet bar, a game room and home theater.
  • Make sure that everything in the plan will meet code, especially unique features.
  • The homeowner's deadline for this remodel was intended so that he could throw a party before his brother's wedding.
  • Vanessa is moving back to her old neighborhood, but the kitchen in the house she bought with her husband Carlos needs a major upgrade.
  • This remodel project took longer than the homeowners anticipated but the results also exceeded initial expectations.
  • The main drive in this renovation was to turn three segmented spaces into one open living space.
  • Vanessa and Carlos faced many challenges during their renovation.
  • To address an outdated of style and lack of space, Terri and Kyle Roge's master bathroom is expanding with a new steam shower, and getting a modern mountain lodge style.
  • The new bath features new tub, cabinets, granite counters and lots of new tile.
  • Not only did contractor/designer in selecting the granite slab for the project, but he also helped the homeowners pick where the pieces would be cut from the slab.
  • The master bathroom renovation isn't enough to make the homeowners move out of their master bedroom.
  • Art and Rommie Raines want an eye-popping home theater with a dynamic retro-modern look, but first they have to get past a room they call "the black hole" — an essentially unused space adjoining this living area.
  • The homeowners initially considered remodeling only the existing home theater in the back of the basement, but they were actually able to combine that room with the one adjoining it by replacing a structural wall between the rooms with a steel beam.
  • Home theaters are typically painted in darker colors, but these homeowners chose medium-shade colors shade that are rich and bold.
  • After initially planning on a raised platform for the back rows of seating in the home theater, plans changed in the middle of construction to instead excavate and pour new concrete for a pit holding the first row of seating. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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