More Fresh Transformations From New Spaces

See how a master bedroom, a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom and a home theater got facelifts.

Sink and Countertop

In so doing, the homeowners transformed old formal spaces into something more appropriate for today's modern living.

Vanessa turned a hidden brick wall surface into a major design feature. Older homes often have desirable elements behind the cover of drywall or carpet. Exposing and featuring these elements not only saves money, but can also be showstoppers in the final design.

One discovery the homeowners took advantage of was hardwood floors. The boards run lengthwise in the room, helping to make the finished space seem even larger.

By doing projject work themselves, the homeowners gained flexibility and time. Vanessa looked extensively for cabinets that fit her style and her budget. A contractor or designer wouldn't be able to devote the time to a similar bargain hunt.

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