Top 10 Remodeling Budget Busters

Homeowners show off their cost-cutting remodeling results on Beyond the Box. Creative individuals challenge themselves to find inexpensive materials and use them in innovative ways.

  • For a unique look try leaving your subfloors exposed.
  • Check out discounted pieces of countertop to save money.
  • Discarded items can be a great source of storage for your home.
  • Metal railing works as a good substitute for cable railing.
  • Purchase off-the-shelf supplies for your fixtures.
  • Use this technique as a crown molding substitute.
  • Be creative and personalize your front door.
  • Use recycled sheet metal to give your fireplace a rustic look.
  • Substitute an expensive pergola for these inexpensive shade sails.
  • Gutter rails and fluorescent lights warm up this room. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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