Before-and-After Makeovers From Season One of The Stagers

Stunning makeovers from the designers on HGTV's The Stagers.

  • Without furnishings and accessories, the architectural features of this room are lost in the cold emptiness.
  • This artchitecturally stunning room was made warm and luxurious with the addition of a comfortable and chairs, rich carpet and well-appointed accessories.
  • The shag rug and loud,patterned sofa in this room screamed "out-dated."
  • Paint combined with contemporary, upscale furnishings and accessories have rewritten this room's lines to say, "upscale elegance."
  • This living-dining room combination was being held back by loud paint and dated furniture.
  • This combination room grew into sophistication by toning down the paint and turning on the contemporary furnishings and accessories.
  • This small space got smaller when the furniture was removed.
  • A neutral background with a variety of color pops transformed this small space to more than it was.
  • This toned down dining room wasn't attracting buyers.
  • This sleek, dark dining suite and dramatic chandelier give the room a more contemporary flair.
  • The beachfront location wasn't enough to overcome the faded sofa and worn carpet.
  • Starting from scratch, The Stagers were able to reinvent this space as a stunning, comfortable and contemporary room.
  • Instead of using the dining room for its intended purpose, the bachelor homeowner used it as a lounging area.
  • A traditional formal dining room complete with paisley print Parsons chairs are more in keeping with the overall character of the home, and are more attractive to most buyers.
  • The haphazard contents of this loft were distracting potential buyers from the distinctive design features.
  • By simplifying the space with a neutral point, sleek mid-century lighting and only a few signature pieces of furnishings and accessories, the loft features are amplified.
  • This wrought-iron table and chairs send an univiting message.
  • Echoing the room's circular staircase, the new round table accented with complementary place settings gives the room a global flair.
  • The charm of this Tudor-style home was lost in the dated furniture.
  • A change in layout accompanied by new elegant seating and accessories made this traditional room more contemporary.
  • Without furniture, this newly renovated home was far from inspiring.
  • By using textures, colors and shapes, The Stagers created a beautiful family-friendly space.
  • This penthouse loft lacked the refinement expected of a $3.3 million asking price.
  • With the addition of high-end art and one-of-a-kind furniture combined with jewel-toned accessories this penthouse loft now will appeal to the most discriminating buyer.
  • This home office is located in the dining room, thus creating confusion for the buyer.
  • An elegant dining area was created by simply removing the desk. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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