Create a Chic Living Space

The first challenge the designers face is to redesign two bedrooms, a dining room, a living room and a sunroom in their Nashville lake house — with 31 work hours and a budget of $15,000.

  • While there are glimpses of good design in this room, the overall idea is never fully realized. Dark brown paint weighs down the space and acid-green accent paint clashes with the dark green felt on the pool table.
  • This sunroom is given purpose through the addition of a pool table and a seating arrangement.
  • Original and thoughtful, Matt’s bedroom design provides roommates the functional luxury of privacy and the aesthetic luxury.
  • A restful pale blue and chocolate palette makes this room pleasing to sleep in. Selecting the right things and knowing when to stop, makes this room is an impressive feat.
  • This room lacks a cohesive design direction to make it a comfortable and pleasant bedroom.
  • A dramatic wall color, innovative artwork and some genuine design savvy create a foundation set for a real display of design talent. The problem arises when all the elements fail to come together in one space.
  • Stephanie and Jennifer are not afraid of trying different things, however, all of the positive things done in this room are weighed down by too much accessorizing.
  • The design team creates an updated traditional room that blends modern, clean-lined elements. The deep blue paint color sets the tone and this room manages to be both elegant and comfortable.
  • The living room has a cohesive design vision that is nearly perfectly edited. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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