Create a Chic Living Space

The first challenge the designers face is to redesign two bedrooms, a dining room, a living room and a sunroom in their Nashville lake house — with 31 work hours and a budget of $15,000.

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An overabundance of creative ideas, many of which do not work well together in a single space, is why this dining room is not a complete success. A dramatic wall color, innovative artwork and some genuine design savvy create a foundation set for a real display of design talent. Sticking with a white and deep blue palette, complimented by natural wood tones and warm golden hues, would have been a dramatic transformation of this already architecturally rich room. The problem arises when all the elements fail to come together in one space. It’s important to allow the eye to clearly identify focal points, and to know when to say when, since it's as essential as being daring and innovative in your approach.

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