Stunning Makeovers From Color Correction

Check out Constance Ramos' makeovers, featured on season two of Color Correction.

  • Marianne wanted a sophisticated pink bedroom, but she ended up with a dull salmon space.
  • The room is now the sophisticated space Marianne had envisioned.
  • Shelly's living room doesn't have the African-inspired feeling she'd like.
  • Bold stripes are used to create an African pattern on the walls.
  • The walls in Seth's study look shiny and cheap instead of classic.
  • Deep, masculine colors help give this room a 1930s feel.
  • The colors used in the Burkes' great room are too dark to make the room feel comfortable.
  • The foyer, living room and dining area are now three distinct spaces.
  • Eugene and Julie Hodge's bedroom feels dark and boring.
  • The couple now has a grownup and calm bedroom.
  • These homeowners don't like the contrasting colors in their kitchen.
  • A new color palette makes this kitchen a warm and inviting space. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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