Design for the Senses: Taste

Designer Karen McAloon explains how to bring the sense of taste into room design.

  • If your style is bohemian and chic, then emphasize your design with the perfect party menu: Earthy Spanish wines, spicy Indian appetizers and bite-size American sliders.
  • Bring out the richness of your design style with your food choices: rich fois gras, decadent lobster, over-the-top triple cream brie and of course, flourless chocolate cake.
  • If your style is warm, sun-kissed and spicy, then fragrant and zesty flavor in your food choices will unite design and palate.
  • Space-saving and highly concentrated condiments like truffle salt, porcini mushroom powder and demi-glace repeat on the plate what has already been achieved in room-concentrated style here.
  • If cozy, comfortable and warm define your style, then those adjectives probably define your cooking as well.
  • Exotic surroundings are enhanced with exotic tastes — things like lavender-scented chocolates, preserved hibiscus dropped into sparkling water and cinnamon-spice tea.
  • Taste can evoke a period of time.
  • A simple bowl of fresh organic apples accentuates the crisp, clean lines of a modern style and welcomes guests with a natural treat. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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