New Spaces: A Gallery of Room Transformations

Before-And-After photos from HGTV's New Spaces, 1300 Series

  • Before. The Van Scoy/ Passaglia family love cooking but can't stand their small kitchen, so they've decided to tear down some walls and build a brand new, expanded kitchen.
  • After. The Van Scoy/Passaglia family used to have a small kitchen that didn't fit their appetite for cooking. Then, for a while, they didn't have a kitchen at all. For their renovation, unexpected insulation costs pushed the budget up while the decision to switch from cherry to alder wood cabinets brought it back down. Ultimately together with a new laundry room, powder room and expanded entryway, this new kitchen comes with a price tag that exceeded the initial budget by twenty five percent — but the family and their party guests love it and they feel the finished product was worth every penny!

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  • Before. For their basement transformation, the Scott family wants to convert their spacious but unfinished basement into a multipurpose family living space. The ambitious plan calls for a movie theater, concession stand, retro "diner" area, playroom for the kids and an extra bedroom.
  • After. Despite unexpected weather-related delays and other construction challenges, the basement ultimately comes together with all the custom touches. The result was a success as the kids are thrilled with their new playroom, diner and movie theater, and the parents can't wait to spend some great family time watching movies their own personal theater.

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  • Before. The Chertudes' fourteen-year-old daughter has outgrown her room, and parents Pat and Michelle meet the challenge by expanding their house over the top of the garage. The roof comes off the garage, and the cramped attic will be replaced by new bedrooms, living area and storage space.
  • After. The new living space with TV lounge and computer workstations is much more family friendly, and the Chertudes two kids now have their own separate bedrooms.

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  • Master Suite Magnified, Before. Bud Esquibel, age 23, purchased a ranch-style house with plans to renovate for profit, but ultimately decided to make it his own. His goal: a luxurious modern space. Starting with this rather blank slate of a bedroom, the plan was to remove an exterior wall, expand the existing bedroom by ten feet, and remove the existing small closets and bathroom. That extension would leave room for two walk-in closets and a showpiece of a master bath. Bud acted as his own contractor, facing design choices, inclement weather, scheduling difficulties and one big deadline: visiting relatives.
  • Master Suite Magnified , After (1). Bud Esquibel's goal to have his master suite and bath ready when out-of-town guests arrive proved quite the challenge. A series of setbacks put him behind schedule on the overall project, and at the eleventh hour he had his hands full installing a new Jacuzzi tub and putting finishing touches on the master suite space.

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  • Master Suite Magnified , After (2) . Bud's guests arrived and were suitably impressed, but it was not until all the new furniture was in place that the modern bedroom came to full fruition.

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  • Galley Kitchen Rebirth, Before. The Bradlers' cramped galley-style kitchen interferes with their daily lives. When they decide to expand the kitchen by sacrificing some garage space, walls come down. But various design problems and poor workmanship — along with changing contractors three times — cause a "three week job" to stretch into six months.
  • Galley Kitchen Rebirth, After. Bob and Meri Jo Bradler had to make a last minute design change to their long overdue kitchen remodel. Although it came in way over budget and ridiculously behind schedule, once finally finished, the expanded kitchen fits the Bradler's needs and tastes.

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  • Mediterranean Bedroom Addition, Before. Cheri Dasler and Nathaniel Ellison's growing family calls for growing their house. With a need for more bedrooms and baths, they decide to pop the top on their Mediterranean style home and expand upward.
  • Mediterranean Bedroom Addition, After. After several months (in evidence by the change in season), and a variety of delays and setbacks, Cheri and Nathaniel's home has a new second story, complete with three new bedrooms and new bathrooms.
  • Mediterranean Bedroom Addition, Interior: BEFORE. As part of the expansion, the first floor interior will be opened up to make way for a new staircase.
  • Mediterranean Bedroom Addition, Interior: AFTER. Where once stood a bedroom, a grand staircase now rises to join the old and new spaces of this newly expanded home.

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  • Downtown Living Room, Before. Giovanna Shernoff wants to transform her living room in her new downtown loft from cozy Southwestern to city chic. It takes an entire design and construction team to complete two major projects: covering up a two-story brick wall and replacing the staircase with a modern structure of wood and glass.
  • Downtown Living Room, During. The transformation of Giovanna's downtown loft gets under way, and a big part of that means covering up the 24 foot brick wall. Demolition takes on a new twist as Giovanna decides to donate the used materials to Habitat for Humanity. But before contractor Mike Maddy can start framing the wall, all of the tools and materials must be brought up the 5 stories to the loft.
  • Downtown Living Room, After (1). The schedule for this major renovation went out the window as the building crew waited for the glass handrail to be re-cut and for custom cabinets to finally be delivered. But the newly transformed space shown here helped reassure the owner that the the final result was worth all the waiting, trouble and expense.
  • Downtown Living Room, After (2). A new coat of paint on all the walls is just the ticket for washing away the troubles of the past six months for both Giovanna and her contractor and friend Mike Maddy. With the furniture and decor in place, the rewards of the struggle transforming this living space become clear.

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  • Bungalow Buildout, Before. Chris and Stephanie Cuddihy love their craftsman home in the heart of Denver. When they decide to convert a closet into a bathroom, the project begins to grow in scope until, ultimately, it's a total home renovation covering eight rooms. Included in the transformation: this rather everyday kitchen.
  • Bungalow Buildout, After. The final touches really make the renovated spaces feel like home for the Cuddihys. They had to endure five months of living in the construction zone, but in the end they come in ahead of schedule and under budget. The newly renovated kitchen suits the home's craftsman style and is just part of the big picture of how this renovation paid off.

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  • Power Packed Basement, Before. The Camous family loves spending time together, but their basement is probably the last place in their house you'd expect to find them hanging out together. Before the basement makeover, that is.
  • Power Packed Basement, After (1). Dave and Rosie Camous, and their kids Danielle and Brandon, have divergent interests. So a simple basement overhaul would scarcely please everybody. Before they were done, their new basement housed a home theater and billiards room . . .
  • Power Packed Basement, After (2). The transformed basement also accommodated a dance and workout studio and wine cellar. It's a living space with something to please everyone.

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  • River Lodge Remodel, Before. When a large tree fell on their house, Dennis and Rhonda Williams had to start their planned renovation on their riverside home sooner than they had intended. The weather continued to cause problems, but a large log from the river called a "boom stick" brightens the circumstance when it's determined that the salvaged wood can be used for the new great room floors.
  • River Lodge Remodel, After. Though the remodel came in behind schedule and over budget, once the wood flooring was installed and the final touches were put on the fireplace, Dennis Rhonda and Delaney could finally enjoy their beautiful new great room and kitchen.

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  • Eight Car Garage for Two, Before. Lauren and Jody Hard have found their dream home, complete with the eight-car garage they've always wanted. But though plenty big, the look of the garage is a little bland. They decide to undertake a garage makeover with a Nascar theme.
  • Eight Car Garage for Two, After. Though the price tag exceeded $35,000, the Hards were happy with a garage that now sports an epoxy floor finish, raised TV lounge, unique paint scheme, lots of cabinets and a hydraulic car lift.

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  • Basement Excavation and Finish, Before. Summer Smith and Carol Petraitis have a hundred-year-old home that they've transformed with loving care and a distinct style. Now, they want to finish their partial basement — a project that also means digging out the crawl space under the rest of the home. Weather problems and major foundation issues become big hurdles in this basement upgrade.
  • Basement Excavation and Finish, After. Despite significant challenges, the finished basement finally takes shape. Pocket doors allow light through the space, the floor is stained concrete and the stairs receive a new veneered finish.

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