Feng Shui Your Home With Simple Decorating Fixes

Stephanie McWilliams transforms your life with feng shui changes to your home! Choose the area to improve and see what decorating fixes enhance the chi of your space.


If you're trying to jump start your career or accomplish a specific goal, incorporate these elements and hues within this area of your room or home:

  • Deep, dark colors such as black, midnight blue, chocolates and burgundies
  • <
  • Mirrors, reflective surfaces or other objects made of glass

  • Water features, such as aquariums, waterfalls and vases of water

  • Wavy, cascading lines or asymmetrical and free form shapes

  • Artwork incorporating any of the above

  • Diplomas, awards and special certifications

  • Photos of people whose careers you admire

  • Any single arrangement can be beneficial, since the number one is associated with this area

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