Stunning Makeovers From Get It Together

Inspirational before and after photos of some amazing transformations.

  • This couple needs a space that combines both classic and contemporary style.
  • By using differing shades of green and adding playful painted bookshelves this room answers to both styles.
  • Finding a style that will allow both relaxation and entertainment is the challenge of this space.
  • Contemporary furnitre combined with ethnic touches make this space exactly what this couple wants.
  • Urban or country are the clashing design preferences that have trapped this bedroom in boring.
  • Brown and burgundy combine for a brilliant but relaxing hideaway.
  • A lack of decision making has left this downstairs family room in despair.
  • Elegance and character meet with this woodsy beach cottage style.
  • This stark bedroom displays neither of the couple's style preferences.
  • Clean lines and simple details bring together the masculine and elegant styles that the couple desired.
  • This couple needs an outdoor space that is both functional and relaxing.
  • Chase incorporates both the relaxing elements of a villa and the fun aspects of a clubhouse so this outdoor room can be used for either entertaining or relaxing.
  • The differing styles of this couple of left them with a boring room.
  • With color used to provide both showing and cozy, this room pleases the couple's contrasting tastes. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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