Designed to Sell Top 35 Selling Secrets

Three teams from the hit show Designed to Sell have put their heads together and come up with their top 35 ideas for bringing in top dollar from a house sale.

#33: Fix It or Forget It

Complete unfinished projects so as not to scare off potential buyers. "Deferred maintenance — for example, large cracks in your sidewalks on the way up to the door — send red flags to buyers," says designer Monica Pedersen.

"It costs you less to fix it than buyers might deduct from their asking price. So do the math, and fix it yourself," adds designer Lisa LaPorta.

"I think what intimidates most homeowners is the scope of what they make it. Let's say for instance a floor. You can replace damaged pieces of plank by buying the same stock and cutting out little sections of it, securing it with a few brad nails and refinishing it to match your existing finish," explains carpenter Deus Xavier Scott. "It's easily done — it probably takes only a couple of hours."

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