The Spa Palette

You can get that ahhhh-spa feeling at home with the right mix of luxe accessories in just the right soothing hues.

  • Pink, yellow, and green pastel colors are becoming the new colors of relaxing spas.
  • These artistic glass pieces reflect and gather light making them a beautiful sculptural element to add to your spa retreat.
  • These serene overflowing soaking tubs can be ordered from Kohler.
  • Textural contrasts in bedding, draperies, and chairs add to that ultra comfort feel. (Photo by Roy Quesada.)
  • These candlesticks add dimension to any room — not to mention their soothing blue coloring.
  • These elegant and sophisticated pillows bring a luxurious shine to your home.
  • This space merges the classic and contemporary. (Photo by Matthew Millman.)
  • Reed diffusers are an elegant way to keep a subtle and constant fragrance in your home.
  • Sheer draperies are an elegant window treatment that allow light to filter easily into your home. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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