Linda Woodrum's Design Basics

HGTV Dream Home designer Linda Woodrum shares her tips on how to fix decorating mistakes and find inspiration.

What Doesn't Belong?

Q: What if you make mistakes?
A: You have to learn to let go of things; that's called "editing." In the HGTV Dream Home master bedroom, for instance, I had a large urn filled with sunflowers that I thought would be perfect for that room. But when we got the room together and I put the urn in there it just looked dumb. It was too cute; too contrived. And that was probably one of the first purchases I made for that room! Sometimes, the thing you fall in love with, the thing that inspires the idea for the whole room, is the thing that ends up not working and you have to let it go. The master bedroom still has that sunflower idea – yellows and browns and blacks, but it's not overdone. There's one found art painting of a sunflower, but nothing that screams, "This is the sunflower room!"

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