The Makeover Top 5

Sure, it's your makeover and you can do what you want to. But if you want double takes and not double trouble, read on.

5. Accessorize

And that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. This is the place to save. I frame my child's artwork in great-looking $20 frames from IKEA. Make your own artwork on premade canvases from craft stores. Put orchids in pots that you found at garage sales. Use pillows to add splashes of color and pattern on your sofa. Put a new lampshade on an old lamp. The wobbly ashtrays you made in grade school make great candy dishes (and conversation pieces). Put live plants in every room. Buy them according to the amount of sunlight gets in the room and they’ll thrive. They are a natural, organic accessory.

In the room above, a calendar becomes a grid of wall art inside store-bought frames. Room design by Kenneth Brown. See more of this room >>

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