5 Principles for a Well-Designed Home

For a house to be a home — at least a KAA-designed home — it must respect nature and elevate the spirit. And that can't be rushed.

  • Take any opportunity to invite natural sunlight into your home — windows, doors, and airy spaces. This colorful California home is infused with light, making it glow.
  • The connection to nature — the bleeding of indoor to outdoor — is critical, whether you’re in our Southern California climate or elsewhere.
  • This kind of space isn’t created with a paper blueprint, but with an emotional blueprint that requires that you understand your desires and how you want to experience your home.
  • Much like the Chinese principle of feng shui, the soul of the home is defined by the balance and harmony created by design.
  • Symbiosis is essential in a KAA design and that means that homes and landscapes define each other; they don’t stand alone.
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