11 Steps to a Well-Designed Room

Design experts share their tips for creating a stylish space that is uniquely your own.

  • Let the room's purpose decide the decor.
  • Make decorating a no-brainer by choosing furnishings that are family-friendly.
  • Take the guesswork out of decorating by finding inspiration in design-oriented magazines, online sites and TV shows.
  • Match furniture to the room's overall scale. An oversized sofa in a small room will look out of place and make the space feel cramped.
  • Carry a color or overarching theme from room to room for a consistent look.
  • One great piece can inspire the look, color or feel of the entire room.
  • Keep a file with paint colors, room dimensions and fabric swatches handy.
  • Your space should look like no one else's. Let your style evolve over time by seeking out unique decor that truly reflects your taste.
  • Limit trendy choices to small-ticket items that are easily changeable, such as accessories.
  • Add task lighting, such as reading lamps, to warm up a space.
  • Personalize a space by displaying your favorite collection.
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