Home Theater Tips

If you're thinking about adding a home theater, check out these tips and ideas for maximizing cinema fun.

  • The Big Screen

    In an ideal world, everyone could have a big screen and great sound system for their home theater. If that's not the case, try to make the screen the main focus. Photo by RMS user areda.

  • Drama, Drama, Drama

    A great way to re-create the ambiance of an actual theater is to add curtains like RMS userBarBQfan.

  • Starry Night

    RMS user Mary Blair used heavy curtains to block out light and to frame the large screen. She also got creative and added a night sky mural to the room.

  • Nighttime all the Time

    To create a dark viewing space, try what RMS user fortheloveofdesign did. She used black seats and walls to make the space as dark as possible.

  • Functional Seating

    Try to find the seating for your space that creates the best viewing environment. RMS user Paytonjeep97 found seating with pull-down drink holders.

  • A Step Up

    You could try re-shaping your home theater by adding platform seating like RMS user mtelkins.

  • Garage Conversion

    You think you don't have space for a home theater? RMS user Portia_NW decided to convert her garage into an extravagant cinema.

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