Home Office Design Styles

From modern to eclectic, these photos can be your guides to interior design styles.

  • DeLeon brown office

    Modern Marvel

    With sleek lines and straightforward furnishings, this home office is luxuriously modern.

  • Lofty Office

    While this home office maintains its modern identity with sleek lines and open floor space, it also contains an element of glam with the modern art piece.

  • Chocolate and Caramel

    This office has traditional symmetry in its art and leather chairs, but it also contains Old World details in coloring and the desktop globe.

  • Straight-Edge Office

    With bold punches of color and straight lines, this home office works the contemporary angle.

  • Dennis study room

    More Masculine

    The straight legs of the desk and geometric pattern in the rug make this home office distinctively contemporary.

  • beasley study chess

    Circles and Squares

    This transitional home office combines a traditional chest with a modern table.

  • open loft home office

    Hard-Working Art

    From the tools hung on the wall to the slanted desk legs, this office loft is eclectic all the way.

  • charming english country study

    English Country Quarters

    The velvet drapes, French bergere chairs and Persian rug give this home office an English country flair.

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