Home Office Desks

Check out these different styles of desks to complete your home office.

Hammerschmidt contemporary home office

Elongated Desk Space

This plank-style desk warms up the space and provides ample room for documents.

Weinstein home office 2

Family Workspace

Created for more family time, this desk has wheels and is ready to accommodate a busy family.

DeLeon brown office

Home Office Haven

With filing drawers tucked behind it, this desk exudes confidence and power.

study reflects world travel

Business Transparency

A glass desk can create the illusion of more space and looks very high-tech in this luxurious home office.

Built-In Boundaries

The backdrop wall for this desk divides the bedroom from the office by working as the headboard for the bed and wall for the desk.

armagnac walls warm contemporary home office

Work and Play

This desk, featured in Dream Home 2009, is ready for work and wine tasting.

contemporary home office has traditional appeal

Keeping It Clean

This contemporary desk has clean, parallel lines and a glass top.

leather rich contemporary office

Leather’s a Pleasure

This desk matches the chair and bookcase with its leather finish and clean lines.

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