Colorful Home Office

Designer Kim Myles creates a colorful home office and family hangout with natural accessories.

Organized Workspace

To maximize the office area, Myles takes the storage vertical by installing shelving for all the office supplies and files. A small, yet functional desk provides plenty of workspace, while still keeping all the essentials accessible.

Project Breakdown
Total: $5,000

Furniture: $1,100
Lighting: $650
Paint & Supplies: $350
Build Project: $675
DIY Window Treatment: $275
- Roman Blind: $8
- Ribbon (one blind): $3.50
- Fusible Tape (one blind): $1.00
DIY ‘Bamboo Forest’ Window Treatment
- 1/2" round molding: $0.57/ft
- Stain: $6.97/qt
Accessories: $1,700
Flowers: $250

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