Asian Home Office

Calming colors, natural elements and Asian influences come together in this Zen-inspired home office.

  • Young's home office has some great architectural features such as high ceilings and large cement pillars, but his bookcase is overflowing with clutter, and his worn-out sofa doesn't project a very professional appearance when he meets with clients.
  • They paint the walls a deeper, calming tone of green and bring in natural elements with bamboo, twigs and matchsticks for an earthy feel.
  • Edwards gives an Asian twist to three prebuilt bookcases by adding custom doors.
  • Edwards uses puck lights, commercial-grade concrete and long twigs to build two planter boxes that double as lighting elements.
  • Azhar turns three bamboo baskets into circular tables for the seating area.
  • Cooper creates three art pieces to reflect Young's thought process when he creates graphic designs. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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