6 Steps to a Fabulous Foyer

Give your guests a great first impression with a foyer that shows off your home's personality.

3. Set the tone

"Even though most foyers are relatively small, take advantage of being able to make a big statement," shares Lauren Jacobsen. "Beautiful, rich, dark paint colors, textured wall coverings, quality flooring and area rugs all say 'this home is something special.' "

On the flip side, if you're struggling with how to decorate a foyer with a sky-high ceiling, designer David Stimmel of The Stimmel Consulting Group in Ambler, Penn., says to showcase large-scale artwork or position furniture in the neighboring spaces so that they draw you into the home. A chandelier or pendant fixture is a must in a large, open foyer so take special care is choosing one that fits the proportion of the space (i.e. steer clear of dining room-sized lights) and the style you want to project.

Design by Andreas Charalambous.

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