Playroom Storage Ideas: 5 Household Items to Repurpose

Create a fun and functional playroom for your kids by repurposing common household items for creative storage. Your kids will love their new space and you'll love how easy it is to keep the room organized with these ideas!

  • Toy Storage Shelf

    A Whimsical Play Area for Kids

    With all the craziness that comes along with being a parent, staying organized is key. Get creative to keep your kids' toys in order! Here are five common household items you can repurpose for stylish playroom storage solutions.

  • Clear Kitchen Containers

    Before: Kitchen Jars

    Use a kitchen container to store...

  • Clear Kitchen Containers Repurposed as Toy Storage

    After: Small Toy Storage dough and miscellaneous toys. You can also put cookie cutters and rolling pins in one container that kids can use to cut and roll out the play dough. Add chalkboard labels to dress them up.

  • Wire Garden Stool

    Before: Garden Stool

    Flip over a garden stool or table to store...

  • Wire Garden Stool Repurposed as Toy Storage

    After: Ball Display

    ...balls and toys. This piece adds a unique touch to your living space and keeps the toys together.

  • Wire Dish Rack

    Before: Dish Rack

    Use a dish rack to store...

  • Wire Dish Rack Repurposed as Coloring Book Storage

    After: Coloring Book Stand

    ...coloring books and artwork. This keeps the books organized and helps kids easily keep the space clean.

  • Condiment Holder

    Before: Condiment Caddy

    Turn a condiment caddy into...

  • Condiment Holder Repurposed as Toy Storage

    After: Block Bin

    ...a unique toy holder. The kids can stack blocks inside, plus it serves as a fun bit of decor on the bookshelf.

  • Wicker Basket Repurposed as Toy Storage

    Big Baskets Become a Catchall for Toys

    Wicker baskets are a convenient and classy way to hide toys and gadgets in the living room. They come in all different sizes and work great for storing blankets, pillows or even shoes.

  • Organized Kids' Playroom

    Kid Tested, Mother Approved

    This bright and organized playroom is sure to please parents and kids alike.

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