Travel-Inspired Kids' Bedroom

Designer Dahlia Mahmood takes jet-setting to a whole new level in this eclectic airplane-themed kids' bedroom.

  • Come Fly with Me

    An airplane bed is the centerpiece of this aviation inspired kids' room.

  • Kids' Bathroom

    An airplane design on the shower curtain carries the aviation theme into the neutral bathroom just off the bedroom.

  • Small Details

    Designer Dahlia Mahmood didn't miss a beat when it came to creating a realistic aviation design for this room.

  • Handcrafted Murals

    Finishing touches, like the map murals and overhead sky design complete the look of the room.

  • Head This Way to Bed

    A compass-like chandelier hangs over the airplane bed.

  • Jet-Setting

    Mahmood included a dresser made to look like stacked suitcases.

  • See the Sights

    The bathroom vanity is surrounded by wall murals of passport stamps and famous sites around the world.

  • Creative Organization

    Another dresser was designed to look like a fueling station.

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