A Shared Bedroom for a Brother and Sister

Creating a shared bedroom for siblings can be tough, especially when one child is a 6-year-old boy and the other is a 3-year-old girl. Mom Rebecca Woolf makes it work by designating spaces to suit each of their tastes and needs.

  • Shared Kids Room

    Separate But Equal

    Bunk beds are a natural in a shared kids' room but in this kids' room, they're the only piece of furniture that's shared. From the artwork to the furniture, every other detail has been customized to suit either 6-year-old Archer or 3-year-old Fable. Rebecca allowed the kids to select furnishings, fabrics and colors to suit each of their tastes.

  • Mom Reading to Kids

    Multifunctional Furniture

    Rebecca's one big splurge was the bunk beds, which will come in handy when her twins are ready to leave the nursery for a big kids' room or the bunk beds can be separated into two twin beds if needed.

  • Storage Bookcase

    Savvy Storage

    The bunk beds feature a handy built-in bookcase that provides plenty of room for organizing each child's favorite reads. Sliding doors cover cubbies for stashing toys and games.

  • Eclectic Artwork

    Happy Hues

    Fable selected the art and curtains on her side of the room. Her love of vibrant colors, flowers and repetitive patterns brightens up this corner.

  • Orange Dresser

    Thrifty Finds

    This bright orange midcentury dresser was a bargain; Rebecca found it for just $80 at a local swap meet. This is Archer's side of the room; a subway map of NYC and his sketch of the Empire State Building line the walls.

  • Kids Dressing Area

    Girls-Only Space

    Every girl needs a private sanctuary. Beyond the original Moorish archway is Fable's dressing area. Girly touches of pink, turquoise and purple are perfect for the 3-year-old fashionista.

  • Books and Accessories

    Put Their Interests on Display

    Archer is interested in architecture and how things work so Rebecca added a small model of a telephone line tower and a book cleverly wired as a lamp to his side of the room.

  • Dresser

    Colorful Update

    A rainbow of mismatched drawer pulls brighten up Fable's plain white dresser.

  • Cityscape Wall Mural

    Designated Play Areas

    In addition to having their own furniture, each child also has a designated spot for play. Archer's interests include building blocks and NYC, his favorite city, so Rebecca added a vinyl decal of Manhattan to designate his area.

  • Fabric Letter

    Personal Details

    Rebecca added little touches, like this fabric letter F for Fable, throughout the space to personalize the room for each child.

  • Mom Reading to Kids

    Rebecca, Archer and Fable

    A handy bookcase at the foot of the bunk beds makes storytime a snap.

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