Woodland-Themed Boy's Room

Space-saving solutions and designated areas for playing, reading and relaxing make this woodland-themed kid's room an imaginative hideaway for a nature-loving 7-year-old boy.

  • Boys Room Bunk Bed

    Easy Being Green

    Mom and designer Traci Fleming created this outdoorsy room for her 7-year-old son, Mason. He loves reading and nature so she designed his space with a cozy reading corner, plenty of storage for his books and an organic green-and-white palette.

  • Boy and Mom with Legos

    Room for Play

    Mason's room measures a spacious 15' x 11' with plenty of open floor space for playtime with mom Traci.

  • Boys Room Vintage Accents

    Retro Touches

    To keep the woodland theme from looking old-fashioned or dark, Traci mixed in sleek white and blonde furnishings and bleached the once-dark hardwood floors. The room's artwork and accessories are '70s swap-meet finds.

  • Boys Room Bunk Bed

    Flexible Furniture

    Traci owns a kids' furniture company that creates pieces that combine form and function. The bunkbeds are one of her designs; they can be broken down into separate twin beds when kids outgrow bunks. Mason sleeps on the top bunk and uses the bottom for sleepovers or building forts. The built-in bookshelf is the perfect spot for storing his books and the storage cabinet at the foot of the bed is a great space-saver.

  • Bunk Bed Toy Storage

    Built-In Storage

    A hinged cubby at the foot of Mason's bed is a convenient little hideaway where he can stash his favorite toys.

  • Modern Dresser Vintage Accents

    Multifunctional Design

    This modern dresser was also designed by Traci's furniture company. Like the bunk beds, it's configurable and can be separated into two three-drawer units that can be used as nightstands.

  • Boys Room Reading Nook

    Cozy Reading Nook

    Rather than waste this area at the foot of Mason's bed, Traci turned it into a quiet corner where he can relax with a good book. Clever cubbies and open bookshelves keep his favorite reads and toys within easy reach.

  • Modern Light Fixture

    Mod Lighting

    Traci chose the room's central fixture because of its sleek styling and resemblance to shooting stars.

  • Vintage Bench and Legos

    Clever Toy Storage

    Like most boys, Mason loves Legos. The trick is finding a place to store and display them. So, when they found this vintage bench at a swap meet, Traci and Mason decided it was just the thing. Inexpensive wicker baskets slide under the bench to store the blocks while the top provides a long, flat surface for Mason's constructions.

  • Boys Room Bunk Bed

    Room for Two

    Traci wanted Mason's room to be engaging and fun so she created lots of spaces for him to play, read or just get lost in his imagination. While this isn't a shared room, the bunk bed makes it easy to have sleepovers, plus it functions a little like an indoor treehouse.

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