Creative Shared Bedroom for Three Girls

With a little imagination and custom-built bunk beds, Emily and Peter Ligotti created an imaginative shared space where their three daughters could grow and play together.

  • Kids Bunkbed Room

    Small-Space Solution

    Originally the guest room, this 13' x 9' bedroom is now home to sisters Piper, Sage and Ruby, aged 8, 6 and 3. Dad Peter custom-built the three bunk beds into what had been the closet to maximize open floor space. To provide storage, they added a ready-to-assemble, freestanding closet, plus each sister has her own color-coded storage bin.

  • Mom and Dad with Daughters

    Room for Play

    The small room features plenty of open floor space for Mom, Dad and the girls to play.

  • Heart Bunk Bed

    Personalized Pods

    The girls' bunks are a riot of color and pattern. They were each allowed to make their own design decisions. Piper, an avid animal lover, decorated her space with stuffed animals, puppy pictures and a few of her favorite books.

  • Kids Room Treasure Chest

    Every Girl Needs Her Privacy

    Sharing a room with your two sisters can be tough, so each girl has her own secret hideaway — old post office boxes built into the wall above their bed. Each box has a unique combination and only Peter knows all three in case one of the girls forgets.

  • Shared Kids Room and Closet

    Custom Design

    Using an online sketch tool, Peter designed the bunk-bed system that gives each of the girls their own mini room while maximizing available floor space so the small room doesn't feel cramped. The girls' beds are staggered, rather than one on top of the other, to take advantage of every available square foot. To reach the upper bunks, Peter installed a ladder made from sturdy galvanized pipe, which adds an industrial quality to the room.

  • Kids Room Chandelier

    Bedazzled Chandelier

    What would a little girls' room be without a little bling? This fixture was originally destined for the dining room, but parents Emily and Peter decided instead to shorten it and add strings of crystals to create a whimsical fixture for the girls' room.

  • Cloud Bookshelf

    Custom Touches

    Each bunk features a wall-mounted lamp and bookshelf so the girls can relax with their favorite reads. Peter constructed the shelves himself in the shape of clouds to coordinate with the cloud cutout on the lamps.

  • Kids Artwork

    Easily Changeable Artwork

    Baling wire attached to wall-mounted brackets provides a handy place for the girls to display their latest masterpiece.

  • Kids Room Closet

    Cubby-Style Closet

    A massive floor-to-ceiling closet system, found at a warehouse store, keeps the girls' belongings organized. The closet has four sections — one for each girl — with the fourth reserved for the miscellaneous items they share.

  • Dog Tail Hooks

    Storage in Plain Sight

    Color-coded wall hooks display the girls' jewelry. Small rings, bracelets and necklaces are easily lost; storing them where the girls can see them prevents headaches.

  • Cork Floor in Kids Room

    Cushiony Cork

    Eco-friendly, durable and with the look of hardwood, cork has a lot going for it. Emily and Peter chose this flooring for the girls' room for its soft, bouncy quality that increases the safety factor during playtime.

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