Trendy, Not-Too-Feminine Nursery for a Little Girl

Paola and Eric Spagdaletti gave their baby girl a room filled with handmade touches, trendy patterns and a hip color palette of gray, coral and aqua.

Nursery Crib

Pick a Palette They'll Grow Into

First-time parents Paola and Eric wanted a color palette for their daughter's room that was feminine but not overly girly or baby-ish and settled on gray, coral and aqua as the three main colors. This cheery color combo certainly works now and will transition easily from nursery to big-girl room then later to a teen room.

Nursery with Chevron Pattern

Showstopping Feature Wall

Every great space needs a defining feature. In this nursery, it's the chevron-patterned wall above the crib. Rather than installing wallpaper, Eric painstakingly hand-painted the pattern himself. Below, the midcentury-modern-inspired crib is sleek in a gender-neutral espresso/white finish that will work equally well for any future kids.

Nursery Storage

Make Room for Storage

If there's one thing every kid's room needs, it's storage. Squeezed into the space on either side of the crib, these warehouse-store bookcases keep Ellia's favorite books and toys within easy reach. Boxes, painted in the room's palette, conceal necessary items not cute enough to display.

Nursery Modern Lighting

Organic-Inspired Lighting

Hung above the changing table, this Possini flower pendant adds soft task lighting and acts as a mobile, giving baby Ellia a pretty distraction during changings.

Nursery Owl Clock and Shadowboxes

Handmade Hoot

One of Paola's favorite pieces is this whimsical owl clock, purchased on Etsy, which she had painted to match the nursery's palette. Shadowboxes, filled with baby Ellia's keepsakes, surround the clock in a clockwise pattern.

Nursery Bookshelf

Fun and Functional

White Jonathon Adler dachshund bookends add a playful, sculptural touch to the bookcase.

Nursery Rocking Chair

Choose Furniture You Can Repurpose

Every baby's room needs a rocking chair. Paola chose this upholstered version, which is super comfy for feedings and nap or story time, but doesn't look like the typical nursery rocker so it can later move to the family room. The pillow, handmade by Paola, is something her daughter will cherish for a lifetime.

Mom Reading to Baby

Designate a Spot for Together Time

Baby Ellia's room is filled with books and a cozy chair for enjoying them together.

Nursery Changing Table

Purchase Transitional Furniture

This spacious custom-built dresser currently doubles as a changing table, but its sleek lines and timeless styling ensure it will serve Ellia for many years to come.

Nursery Rocking Elephant

All In the Details

Not your run-of-the-mill rocking horse, this soft stuffed elephant will provide Ellia hours of imaginative play. Coral, gray and aqua ribbons around its neck tie the toy into the nursery's color scheme.

Nursery Owl Lamp

Save When You Can

An unintended owl theme emerged in the nursery as Paola shopped for finishing touches. This cheery owl looks like an expensive designer lamp but is actually a bargain buy from Target.

Nursery Personalized Art

Personalized Artwork

Paola wanted a creative way to display her daughter's name in the room. This alphabet print, which highlights the letters of Ellia's name in coral, fits the bill perfectly. It's a fun piece of art that is sure to stand the test of time.

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