Budget-Friendly Duct Tape Decorations for Kids' Rooms

Looking for an inexpensive way to perk up kids' rooms? Look no further than DIY washi tape and duct tape decorations! (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Blue-Green Padded Headboard

Charlotte's New & (Inexpensively) Improved Bedroom

Looking for cool ways to add punchy color to any kids' room without making a mess and breaking the bank? Decorative tapes can be found in all colors and patterns, costing anywhere from $2 to $5 per roll. For 5-year-old Charlotte's room shown here, the total cost was $45, with tons of tape left over for other projects. Have a blast covering everything from walls and boxes to a guitar and party hats for stuffed animals!

Chevron Wall Art

Chevron Border

Choose several different colors of tape to pop against the walls. To keep the angles straight, pencil in guidelines and use an X-Acto knife to cut the tape. Be sure to take your time and use a ruler or some other hard-edged object to smooth out any bubbles in the tape. The simple project will go fairly quickly after the first chevron.

Duct Tape Bed Skirt

Duct Tape Bed Skirt

Making the award-ribbon-inspired bed skirt is easy and so much fun. Measure and cut duct tape in one long piece, sticky side up, then set it aside. Choose your colors and cut them into 5-foot strips, folding them in half and sticking them together. Cut the strips into the lengths you need and attach them to the duct tape you originally set aside. Repeat this process until the bed skirt is finished. Then turn it back over, and place it on the bottom of the bed.

To add the pink triangles for extra contrast, you will need to cut short strips and fold them like you would the beginning of a paper airplane. You can attach these to the top of your already-tacked-in-place bed skirt.

Duct Tape Guitar

Duct Tape Accessories

This is perfect for the kiddos. Let them go wild! Japanese washi tape is really easy to tear with your hands — perfect for tiny crafters. You can't go wrong.

Duct Tape-Wrapped Presents

Duct Tape Accessories

Simply place the tape at random in all directions on any hard surface, like the plain white gift boxes here (picked up from a local craft store). Just go for it; you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Bear with Duct Tape Hat

Duct Tape Party Hat

Tape a large sheet of construction paper, using tape left over from the other projects. Cut it into a large circle, cut a slit into the center and fold into the shape of a party hat. Your kids will be thrilled to see their stuffed animals turn into party animals.

Bear and Heart

Cross-Stitch Heart

Looking for more inexpensive accents? Charlotte's trundle bed had a caned backing, perfect for cross-stitching a heart into the spaces of the weave. Try it if your child's room has plain caned furniture just waiting to be dressed up.

Headboard with Heart

Cross-Stitch Heart

Make a template, then create an outline with straight stitching. Then begin cross-stitching the caned weave until it is filled.

Fabric Bed Skirt

Scrap Fabric Bunting

Buntings are super hot these days. Use 6-inch strips of scrap fabric, cutting the strips 1 inch apart. Then stitch together the beginning and the end of the scrap fabric strand, and voila! The metallic vinyl used here adds a nice bright splash of color — every girls' room needs a bit of shine.

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