A Multifunctional Little Girl's Room in a Small Space

A great kids' room includes dedicated zones for study, sleep and play, which can be a tall order when you're limited on space. Designer and mom Janice Peters put clever space-saving tricks to work to give her daughter, Audrey, room to grow.

Kids wall hooks

Foster Their Independence

Daisy-shaped wall hooks allow 6-year-old Audrey to put together her own outfits for the week. Making fashion decisions builds Audrey's self-confidence and allows her a bit of creative self-expression.

Mom and daughter

Customize It

When decorating Audrey's room, Janice included lots of do-it-yourself touches. The text on the wall looks hand-painted, but it's actually a wall decal that can easily be removed without damaging the paint.

Little Girls Bedroom

Color Their World

This was originally an all-white guest room, but Janice and hubby Jim painted the room in gender-neutral green and cream when they discovered they were expecting. They added pops of pink when Audrey was born.

Kids bedroom dresser

Bling It On

Janice added crystal lusters, available at hardware or lighting stores, to a small chandelier, then hung it above Audrey's dresser. The fixture is light enough that ceiling plant hooks are sturdy enough to support it. A long electrical cord plugs into a wall outlet so no direct wiring was needed.

Little Girls Bedroom

Refurbish Existing Furniture

The twin sleigh bed is a hand-me-down that was originally stained wood. Janice and Jim sanded it to remove the varnish, then painted it white to match the room's other furniture.

Dress Up Corner

Create a Dress-Up Corner

More wall hooks hung in a small niche behind the bedroom door display Audrey's favorite costumes.

Reflected Mirrors

Fool the Eye

Mirrors are a great trick for visually expanding a small space. Hung with double-sided tape, these frameless mirrors add a whimsical touch.

Storage Bench

Choose Multipurpose Furniture

Space is at a premium in a bedroom this small, so furniture needs to do double duty. This bench functions as a window seat, perfect for story time or putting on shoes, and provides much-needed storage for books, toys and games.

Little girls bedroom

Add Pizzazz With Paint

Janice stenciled daisies on the wall to coordinate with the room's other floral accents and add an artistic touch. A pink-and-white checked rug anchors the space and enforces the room's girly color palette.

Lifesize Paper Dolls

Create Interactive Play Areas

Kid-size paper dolls provide hours of entertainment while their slim profile takes up very little floor space.

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