Dreamy, Sophisticated Toddler Bedroom

Take a look at the dreamy gray and lavender design of two-year-old Madeline Moore's bedroom. WARNING: Extreme cuteness overload is likely to occur.

  • Little Girl's Tea Party

    Tea for Two

    Since Madeline is full of energy, her room includes a small learning and activity space where she hosts tea parties for her bears and often colors with her big brother, Dylan. Construction and room installation by Artistico Construction

  • Windows with Blinds


    In its original state, Madeline's room was simply a 12-by-14-foot box with beige walls and taupe travertine tile floor.

  • Organized Kids Closet

    The Closet

    For a quick and cost-effective update, Madeline's closet is painted a dark violet tone to coordinate with the overall plum, gray and lavender tones of her bedroom. Organic woven baskets and hanging storage systems maximize the space and add a designated spot for her clothes and favorite toys.

  • Closet Storage Options

    The Closet

    To allow Madeline instant access to her favorite toys and books, open bins are placed on the closet floor.

  • Purple Wall with Pink Tutu

    The Closet

    Since the majority of Madeline's outfits are super girly and fun to look at, displaying them in front of the dark-violet closet walls highlights them, allowing them to work as part of the room's decoration.

  • Purple Bed in Lavender Room

    The Bed

    Madeline sleeps on a basic Pottery Barn Kids toddler bed that has been customized with a sprayed violet paint finish. To give her basic bedding a designer update, decorative trim was added to the pillows and a duvet cover, originally picked up from a big-box retail store. Hardy Crystorama pendant lights shaped as bouquets of roses were installed in the ceiling above plastic nightstands. Pendant light fixtures permanently affixed to the ceiling are a more durable solution to table lamps that can easily be knocked over. To keep pendants out of a toddler's reach, make sure they're installed so that they hang above the center of the nightstand.

  • Framed Madeline Title Page

    The Art

    A page from Madeline's favorite book — appropriately titled Madeline — sits on her nightstand in a polished pewter picture frame. Framing pages from books is a great way to add a sophisticated touch to a youthful subject.

  • Purple Bed with White Chandeliers

    The Entry

    An overall dreamy aesthetic draws people into Madeline's bedroom. Horizontal planks of pine were given a lighter appearance by a custom whitewash finish. The walls and ceiling were painted a chic shade of lavender from Sherwin-Williams called Ash Violet.

  • Stuffed Animal Wall Art

    The Art

    To add custom art to Madeline's room, a professional photographer shot images of her favorite stuffed animals. The photos are matted in white and displayed in stainless steel frames. The key to doing this correctly is to photograph each stuffed animal close up enough so that it's easily identifiable from all points in the room.

  • Brass Lampshade Chandelier

    The Chandelier

    One of the main objectives in designing Madeline's room was to incorporate understated elegance. A glass chandelier from Crystorama centered in the room adds a touch of timeless glamour that also adds ambiance.

  • Wall Siding and Wainscoting

    The Walls

    Basic 1-by-6-foot V-groove pink planks were given a dreamy and elegant update with one coat of a custom-mixed whitewash. To create a whitewash treatment, simply dilute white paint with water until the desired balance is achieved. In order to make wood grain and knots fade away, a less-diluted mix works best; however, if the grain and knots are desired for textural reasons, heavily diluted white paint is key.

  • White Carpet

    The Floor

    Softening Madeline's travertine tile floors was a main concern. By simply adding FLOR carpet tiles wall to wall, the entire room took on a more elegant appearance packed with softness and durability. Should Madeline damage any of the carpet tiles, it can simply be picked up, taken to a sink and rinsed. Once dry, the tile can slide back into place and look as good as new. If any tiles should be permanently damaged, a single tile can be ordered online, as opposed to having to replace the carpet throughout the entire room. To install FLOR tiles, all that's needed is a tape measure, a level and a utility knife.

  • Gray Window Shade

    The Windows

    Floor-to-ceiling draperies in toddler rooms can be challenging to keep clean and out of harm's way. A great alternative is to outfit windows with Roman shades. Madeline's were made with drapery-weight linen sporting a brocade pattern in gray, black and white. Since cords are hazardous to babies and toddlers, always ensure safety by installing cord holders well out of a child's reach.

  • Floating Shelf with Purple Bottles

    The Shelving

    Elegant touches of violet were added to Madeline's room through vintage glass bottles displayed on white floating shelves, placed safely up high and out of reach. The bottles serve as vessels in which to display fresh flowers. Since yellow is the complementary color to violet, flowers in yellow tones seem to work best.

  • Purple and White Kids Bedroom

    The Space

    Madeline's dreamy, sophisticated toddler bedroom is made up of three zones: a sleeping area to the left, a wide open play space in the center and an activity and learning center on the right.

  • Kids Bedroom Table and Chairs

    The Play Table

    To give Madeline a one-of-a-kind activity center, inexpensive toddler-sized wicker chairs were updated with glossy plum paint and custom cushions, then placed around a ready-made laminate table.

  • Violet Wicker Chair

    The Play Table

    In their updated state, Madeline's activity center chairs are upholstered in a woven fabric sporting several different shades of plum and gray. For contrast, a welt cord in canary yellow was added. Since yellow is the complementary color to violet, touches of yellow are repeated throughout the overall violet room.

  • Violet Ghost Chair

    The Seating

    Modern furniture manufacturers offer classic grown-up style chairs in toddler-friendly materials such as plastic and acrylic. By simply incorporating one of these (such as the Lou Lou Ghost Chair from Kartell seen here) into a toddler space, it instantly packs a touch of elegance that can withstand the wear and tear associated with toddlers.

  • Stuffed Animal Storage Basket

    The Toy Bin

    Open storage is the best choice for housing a toddler's most beloved toys. Industrial wire bins with washable linen liners are an excellent way to pack both function and style into a single storage solution.

  • White Crown Molding

    The Molding

    For architectural interest, crown molding was added along the top of Madeline's walls. By painting the ceiling the same shade as the walls in a flat finish, and painting the crown molding glossy ultra white, the molding stands out.

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