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How to Create a Painted Kids' Room Monogram

Add a uniquely personal touch to a nursery or kids' room by painting their initials on the wall.

Erinn Valencich,
Initial Success

Materials Needed:

  • letters printed to size
  • graphite/transfer paper
  • painters' tape
  • size 8 blunt-tipped lettering brush
  • paint in colors of your choice
  • pencil
  • measuring tape
  • white hi-polymer plastic eraser

Create Letters and Prep Wall

Decide on the monogram's letter size and font; print each letter onto standard printer paper. Measure wall area where letters will be painted; mark the center to help with placement. Tip: Give the monogram more graphic impact by placing the letters within a painted design; we chose to do a striped effect with painters' tape and red, white and navy latex wall paint.

  • Measure the Wall Area
  • Letter Placement Preparation

Attach Letters to Wall

Use painters' tape to temporarily position letters on wall.

Position the Letters Onto the Wall

Trace Letters

Once you're happy with the letters' placement, slide graphite/tracing paper behind each letter. Using a pencil, trace each letter's outline. Tip: The graphite is easily rubbed onto the wall so be careful not to press down too hard on areas that you don't intend to transfer.

Trace the Outline

Check Tracing

Pull the printed page and graphite paper away to reveal the letters' outline on the wall. If necessary, retrace any areas that didn't transfer or are smudged.

Review the Outline

Paint Over Outlines

Fill in each letter's outline with latex paint. The blunt-tip lettering brush we recommend can be used flatly to get a wide line or on its side for a thinner, detail line. After paint has dried, clean up any stray pencil lines or graphite smudges with the white eraser.

Paint the Outlines
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